How much does Yourentshare car sharing cost?

The Yourentshare car sharing provides a single registration fee of € 50.00 including a 1 hour Bonus to be used within 6 months. For the first 1000 customers there will be total exemption of the registration fee.

The rates are structured by the hour, for the rental of a Fiat Qubo (5 seats and mixed use) with a cost

equal to € 8.90 / h

For the launch phase, the registration fee is expected to be € 1.50 on the platform


For 24 consecutive hours of rental the discounted amounts are: € 39.99 for the rental of a Fiat Qubo (5 places).

Rates include fuel, insurance policies, emergency management for vehicle recovery, towing and replacement vehicle.

What are the advantages of car sharing?

The users of car sharing have the possibility to optimize their time, taking advantage of an efficient car, ready to use, taken care of for every need related to stamp, insurance, maintenance, fuel, stand, and whatever else you need, from the manager that assumes every burden.

By optimizing the use of the car, it also contributes to reducing the number of vehicles on the road and reducing pollution.

Car sharing services can satisfy many needs, including the one, functional to a city like Salerno and the neighboring Municipalities, to improve and support local public transport.